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Director:  Jah Jussa

Writer:  Paul Larkin

Genre:  Documentry


This film argues that a culture of 'Anyone but Celtic' has engulfed Scottish society and Scottish football since the inception of Celtic in 1887. Similarly, discrimination has been rife through establishment arms like the Police, Media, Judiciary and Prison Service against Catholics in Scotland. The Lanarkshire Referees Association had a unique recruitment policy aimed at doing one thing: Ensuring that anyone but Celtic won football matches in Scotland.

Alex the Great

Director:  Ian Lysaght

Prodcuer:  Jah Jussa

Genre:  Documentary


This documentary chronicles the career of Alex Young, one of the most skilful British footballers of all time.  Throughout the Sixties he didn’t run, he glided.  He didn’t turn, he pirouetted.  He didn’t jump, he floated.  His first touch was like a mothers’ tender kiss…

Largely unknown outside of Heart of Midlothian and Everton Football Clubs, largely due to the lack of TV footage covering his career, Alex Young is revered in Edinburgh and on Merseyside.  He features in one of Ken Loach’s early films, which took its title from Young’s nick-name: ‘the Golden Vision’.

The documentary features contributions from Alex Young himself, together with: Joe Royle; Derek Temple;, Ian St John; Ron Yeats;, Duncan Ferguson; Pat Nevin; Bob Latchford and many more.


Director:  Ian Lysaght

Producers:  Jah Jussa

Genre:  Documentary


Part documentary part celebration, Viva La Casa tells the story of how The Casa emerged from the 1995-98 sacked Liverpool Dockers dispute, when 500 dockers refused to cross a picket line. 

Interspersed with footage from the sold-out benefit concert, 'The CASA Solidarity Show' featuring comedians John Bishop, Ricky Tomlinson, Chris Cairns, Mark Steel and Neil Fitzmaurice.  Plus music from John Power and The Farm.


Director:  Ian Lysaght

Producer:  Jah Jussa

Genre:  Documentary


This moving, passionate documentary chronicles the journey and extraordinary power of one song - Rodgers & Hammerstein's classic 'You'll Never Walk Alone', a song that started its life as a Broadway show-tune, but through its adoption by Liverpool Football Club's famous Kop would grow to become the song for any crowd, movement or cause. 

We tell the story of how the crowd at Anfield took the song to its heart and in doing so transformed the sound of football, signalling the start of a new terrace culture, charting the history of why Liverpool fans picked this song as their anthem and how the song has now spread the world over, sung in both defeat and victory.

The film features Liverpool legends Kenny Dalglish, Steven Gerrard, Jamie Carragher and Ian St John, plus many others.


Directors:  Ian Lysaght

Producer:  Jah Jussa

Genre:  Thriller


Terry Riley is a taxi driver, raised with the working class morals and values of his father. Terry’s closest friends are a group of fellow taxi drivers who revere Terry as a father figure and admire him for his humour and genial manner.

Eight months after his father’s death, Terry’s world is shattered after he is savagely beaten by 18 year old feral delinquent, Jason Roberts, whose street gang has been at the forefront of a spate of attacks on the neighbourhood.

Terry’s beating causes physical and psychological damage. His only solace is a spot high above the city where he goes each day to watch the ferries crossing the river, a place that reminds him of better times.

When the police fail to prosecute anyone for the assault, Terry becomes more withdrawn and increasingly cynical of the social decadence and seemingly lawless streets that surround him.  It's only a matter of time before he snaps.

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